About Us


Hot Beans Web first started in David's garage. Where he first worked part time on it and then in early October, he decided to resign from his job working at Microsoft. It was a slow humble beginning with a lot of difficulties, but David never gave up, working on Hot Beans Web. As he believed this is the future of website design. As he was fed up seeing a lot of websites not being accessible to users who are visually impaired, speech problems and had a disability. He knew that this wasn't sustainable, so he really wanted to change it for the better.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Hot Beans Web is to make websites more accessible to people who have disabilities. We understand that around 63% of the total population on our planet has some sort of disability that is restricting them to use everyday websites we take for granted for example Techytech. We have partnered with them and their engineers to make sure that our future is more accessible to everyone. As we believe making a world more accessible to everyone is the Golden King.

Our Future

Our future relies on us making environmentally friendly choices, as how organisations and businesses operate now of days is unsustainable. So, here at Hot Beans Web we pledge that every year 42% of our profits will be used for planting trees. We also pledge that in the year of 2030 we will be Carbon neutral and use solar energy to power all our products and services. As we want to do best for our planet without sacrificing global warming.