Founder, David Smith

David was born and raised in Saffron Walden England, where he founded Hot Beans Web in the year of 2015 with his beloved wife as he was fed up working in the corporate area. Where he last worked at Microsoft chief development officer, for Windows 10. He started many businesses ranging from technical support to device support, where he finally settled in with Hot Beans Web as he wanted to help aspiring Web Developers to gain the necessary knowledge to start their own business for website design.

Founder, Alexa Smith

Alexa, David's wife started her journey with Hot Beans Web with her husband in 2015. She was previously working as a paramedic for West Midlands Ambulance Service, where she was tragically was in a fatal incident leading to her paralysed from the hips downwards. Requiring her to move in a wheelchair. She was very disheartened when nobody wanted to employ her. So, her husband started to teach her Website Design, where she instantly fell in love with it. As she loved doing art on her times off as a paramedic.

Lead Dev, Robin Doe

Robin is from a small village in India, where he moved to New Delhi to attend Delhi Tech University. Where he got his master's Degree. Then moved to Britan to study Software Engineering in the University of Pete for his PhD. Where he graduated in 2018. He decided to work as Lead Developer for Hot Beans Web as for one of his university projects they had website design where he says, "During my stay in University of Edinburgh for one of our projects we were assigned into groups of 4 members where we designed a website for a retail shop, which I loved.

Head Accountant, Lucy Escher

Lucy's career started out first being a manager at her local pharmacy, but due to stress in her job she decided to step down in 2020. And in late 2022 Lucy decided to join Hot Beans Web as her second passion was working with money. So, when she saw that Hot Beans Web had a position open she wasted no time in applying for being an accountant. She first started as a junior accountant and now she is the Head Financial officer.

Backend Dev, Jamie Tucker

Jamie started his adventure with Hot Beans Web as he was tired of seeing young people creating websites that were not very accessible to the different users. So, he decided to work with Robin to create an easier experience for junior web developers to learn the fundamental skills on what makes a good website and what does not. He has 15 years of experience working with major companies like Amazon on designing their website.

Trainee Dev, Trixie Baker

Trixie was born in the United States where she attended Alabama State University. But unfortunately, in her 3rd year attending school she had to drop out. As the cost of the University was too much to handle. So, she decided to move to the UK where she met David. She asked him if she could work with him as she had no job. David kindly gave her a position as a Trainee Developer here at Hot Beans Web. Where she has really enjoyed collaborating with others on the team in designing websites for different clients.

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